Degania Aleph Oil

Degania Aleph Oil/Visitors’ Center and Oil Press/Kibbutz Degania Aleph

On Degania’s centenary an oil press was established that produces olive oil from Degania’s and other local farmers’ olives. With us, as with the people of the Second Aliyah, Degania’s founders – the emphasis is on quality, professionalism and rootedness. An explanation is available on oil production, watching a short movie relating the evolution of the olive from “from the tree to the bottle” and there are also children’s workshops on olives.

In the oil press shop one can buy the best of our produce – dates, natural almonds and of course olive oil. Also on the shelves – agricultural delicacies and works of local artists.

Open: Sunday to Thursday 09:00-16:00/Friday 09:00-13:00/Shabbat and Festivals 10:00-16:00

04-6608641/for coordinating tours: 04-6608273