Touring with Amiram in the past and present

Touring with Amiram in the past and present/experiential tours with singing/ corners in the Valley

“Welcome, tourists and vacationers!” On my tour I tell a story – of the State.  In my stories there is a combination of laughter and tears, song and jokes. The visit to sites combine songs and stories that invite you, the tourists, to take a special, different look at our country’s past.”

Tour themes:  Settlement of Jordan Valley; following the songs in the lives of Naomi Shemer and Rahel; former settlements that no longer exist around the Sea of galilee; Galilee villages – Kfar Tabor, Yavniel and Menahemiya; tour following loves in Tiberias.

Tours of Sea of galilee cemetery held daily in the afternoon and on full-moon evenings. All tours coordinated in advance.

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