Naharayim Park

Naharayim Park/about 1,500 m. south of the entrance to Ashdot Yaakov Ichud.

Guided tour to “Michal” lookout – splendid lookout over the historic hydro-electric project that is living testimony to the life’s work of Pinchas Rotenberg ‘the old man of Naharayim’ and also to the settlement of ‘Tel Or’  and the mushroom-like houses of the workers.

“Island of Peace” – exciting guided mounted tour between the turbines and the giant dams that remain from the electricity project and to the mythical Emek train station.

“The Dams Trail” – independent light tour on foot (about20 mins.) along the Yarmuk projects from “The Zero Canal” to “the Lake Dam”.

“The Girls’ site” – in memory of 7pupils from Beit Shemesh who were murdered here by a Jordanian soldier. There is a scenic lookout above the site towards Ramat Sirin, the Gilboa hills and the Jordan-Yarmuk confluence.

How do you get there? Turn towards Ashdod Yaakov Ichud and then immediately right (near Tzel Tamar restaurant).Drive south about 1,500m.

050-7222787, 04-6709143/ The tours have a fee. Recommended to book in advance. Minimum of 5 participants.

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