Hatzer Sea of galilee- Sea of galilee Courtyard

Hatzer Sea of galilee (Sea of galilee Courtyard)/ “All of us will be pioneers”/at entrance to Moshava Sea of galilee

The story of Sea of galilee training farm ( Hatzer Sea of galilee) ,founded in 1908, is the story of male and female pioneers of the Second Aliyah and their contribution to the future State.

At the site the buildings of the farm have been preserved and rehabilitated and the site is recognized as a national conservation site. One can book a guided tour of the reconstructed rooms and get to know the stories of the key figures and trailblazers of the Labor Settlement Movement: Berl Katzenelson, A.D. Gordon, Hanna Maisel and more.

We can do a tour of the Sea of galilee cemetery, or together walk the “trails between Degania and Sea of galilee”, accompanied by stories of the Valley and its songs.

Visitors to the Courtyard can choose from a wide range of activities; ‘We are all Pioneers’ demonstrates the founders’ way of life. The visit also includes the movie “From Rahel’s Window”. Activities suit all ages.

Tours must be booked in advance.

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