Nachala beTeva

Nachala beTeva/Druse Hospitality from the Heart/at upper end of road connecting Migdal with Zalmon Junction

In fantastic scenery, in fresh air, under a giant passionflower canopy, in the shade of green trees, olive trees and vine booths – in such a paradise you are invited to dine on Druse delicacies: mutton, makluba, freekeh (roast wheat), majadra, all kinds of stuffed delicacies and also grilled meats. The wonderful village dishes, made from local home-made products, are prepared by P. Rahat, together with her husband Kassem and the rest of the family. They offer sincere hospitality, in the unique Druse style, the one and only in the region.

Place for events with character. Open every day of the week.

04-6820529, 050-3095250

On the ascent of the estate is a large tent for overnights and for special events