Beit Hapri in Ein Gev- House of Fruit

Beit Hapri in Ein Gev (House of Fruit)/something small and refreshing/Ein Gev harbor

Close by the bathing beach and fish restaurant, next to the Orange Sculpture, is the “Beit Hapri” kiosk. You are invited to sit on the nice verandah facing the lake view and enjoy selection of seasonal fruits, fresh juices and shakes, ice cream, coffee and pastries.

Open 7 days a week (10:00-18:00)   04-6658008

Ein Gev has many vacation activities: cruise on the Sea of galilee, famous fish restaurant and next to it a souvenir shop and Beit Hapri, and for children: tour of the kibbutz in small wagon-train and children’s activity in Saba Jossi’s carpentry shop.