Gan Haahava and Cmo Yam Gallery

Gan Haahava and Cmo Yam Gallery/ Water Garden/via the Rahel Garden, Moshava Sea of galilee

Water garden inspired by the garden of Claude Monet, the artist admired by the owners. In addition to water-lilies, fish and birds unique to the place, and the bridge over the water, there are spread around the garden basalt rocks and statues with inscriptions about love. At the entrance to the garden is a Chanuka candelabra designed by the artists living here. The gallery has unique art works of Ayelet and Ilan and other artists. The place holds exhibitions, painting classes, artists’ fairs and creative activities for children. Special gifts can be purchased here and the local cafe’s delicacies can be enjoyed in a tranquil, charming place. The place also offers a guest apartment.

“There I saw a rainbow in the cloud, there the morning arises in white.  There together we will find the garden, the garden of love”. Ehud Manor.