Tours & Tracks

Naharayim Park


Naharayim Park/about 1,500 m. south of the entrance to Ashdot Yaakov Ichud. Guided tour to “Michal” lookout – splendid lookout […]

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Degania Aleph


Degania Aleph/We will always be the First/Kibbutz Degania Aleph Degania, the mother of the communes and kibbutzim, was founded in […]

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Gania on the banks of the Jordan


Gania on the banks of the Jordan/Inspiration from Nature/next to Kibbutz Degania Aleph Charming location in nature for alternative medicine […]

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Hatzer Sea of galilee- Sea of galilee Courtyard


Hatzer Sea of galilee (Sea of galilee Courtyard)/ “All of us will be pioneers”/at entrance to Moshava Sea of galilee […]

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