Gan Haahava and Cmo Yam Gallery

gan ahava

Gan Haahava and Cmo Yam Gallery/ Water Garden/via the Rahel Garden, Moshava Sea of galilee Water garden inspired by the […]

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Eden/Café-Gallery and charming venue for breakfasts/Kibbutz Haon Number of attractions under one roof, air-conditioned, homey and pleasant: Distinctive coffee-house with […]

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Beit Yigal Allon

tn_שער 6

Beit Yigal Allon/Museum and Art Gallery/Ginosar The Yigal Allon Museum displays an ancient boat about 2000 years old that was […]

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Moshava (rural settlement) Museum

Moshava (rural settlement) Museum/those tough, wonderful days/Moshava Sea of galilee Fascinating museum reviewing the history of the veteran rural settlement […]

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Minus 200 Gallery


Minus 200 Gallery/Gallery-Art Store/Ein Gev harbor The renewed development of Ein Gev Harbor has seen the restoration of the veteran […]

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The Barn Museum

asam musium

The Barn Museum/Rare Collection from Those Days/ Moshava Sea of galilee The Barn Museum, on the main street of Moshava […]

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Beit Uri and Rami Nechustan Museum

uri&rami museum

Beit Uri and Rami Nechustan Museum/Contemporary Visual Art/Kibbutz Ashdod Yaakov Meuchad Museum of Contemporary Visual Art, showing changing exhibitions of […]

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The Doctor’s House Museum

The Doctor’s House Museum/Beit Harofeh/Menachemiyah The Doctor’s Museum and the settling of Moshava Menachemiyah, the first Hebrew settlement in the […]

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Museum of Yarmouk Culture


Museum of Yarmouk Culture/artefacts about 7,500 years old, discovered in kibbutz’ fields/Kibbutz Sha’ar HaGolan On the banks of the Yarmouk, […]

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Beit Gordon – Museum


Beit Gordon – Museum/ House of Nature, Agriculture and History of Kinerot Valley/Kibbutz Degania Aleph Ideal for pleasant, enriching visit; […]

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“Art in Iron” Gallery

“Art in Iron” Gallery /art gallery and studio/Kibbutz Sea of galilee In Kibbutz Sea of galilee, the “Art in Iron” […]

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Magdala Center


Magdala Center/Culture and Archaeology/ Migdal Junction Magdala Center offers a cultural and archaeological experience to visitors of all faiths together […]

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