Deganit/how good it is you came home/Kibbutz Degania Bet Deganit, country style lodging in Kibbutz Degania Bet, is a verdant, […]

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Ein Gev Holiday Village

ein gev vilig

Ein Gev Holiday Village/the best of the Sea of Galilee/Sea of galilee Families with children or romantic holiday for couples […]

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Hotel Kinar Galil


Hotel Kinar Galil/quality vacation for religious public/eastern Sea of galilee The hotel is situated on the Sea of galilee, on […]

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Nof Ginosar


Nof Ginosar, Ginosar Village/ Hotel and Holiday Village/Kibbutz Ginosar Hotel Nof Ginosar and Ginosar Village offer 243 hotel rooms and […]

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Ahuzat Ohalo


Ahuzat Ohalo/country style hotel on the Sea of Galilee/southern Lake, opposite Kibbutz Sea of galilee In the southern corner of […]

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Jimmy Jeep


Jimmy Jeep/Jeep Safari/Golan cliffs descending to the Sea of Galilee Jeep tours from the Golan cliffs that descend to the […]

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Sea of galilee Farm Country Style Lodging

havat kinneret

Sea of galilee Farm Country Style Lodging/a different experience/ Moshava Sea of galilee In the veteran Moshava Sea of galilee, […]

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Poriah/ Guesthouse and Hostel/Poriah Range, above the Sea of Galilee In a surprisingly beautiful landscape corner, on the eastern flank […]

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El Mul Golan


El Mul Golan/Green Rural Hospitality /Kibbutz Sha’ar HaGolan The country style lodging rooms of “El Mul Golan” are situated opposite […]

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Spa Village Boutique Hotel


Spa Village Boutique Hotel/health and pampering experience/Hamat Gader Spa Village Hotel is a magnificent boutique hotel, having 29 luxury units […]

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Vered Hagalil


Vered Hagalil Guest Ranch/horse-riding, vacation cottages, restaurant/Northern Sea of Galilee Vacation ranch Vered Hagalil is situated on a hill overlooking […]

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Karei Deshe


Karei Deshe/high standard hostel/northern Sea of galilee On the north-western Sea of galilee shore, among palm trees and green lawns,”Karei […]

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tn_2013-07-22 NAHARA 026

Nehara/rural hospitality between date and olive/Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov Ichud Between special fruit and ornamental trees, lawns and hammocks, ‘Nehara” offers […]

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Maagan Eden

magan eden (3)

Maagan Eden/Holiday Village on Sea of Galilee/Kibbutz Maagan Beautiful holiday village on Sea of galilee shore – “the Lake of […]

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