Water Fun

Beit Eyal

bet eyal pool

Beit Eyal/pool, spa, health and happiness/Ashdot Yaacov Meuchad Beit Eyal, Jordan Valley Health and Sports Center, invites you, vacationers, to […]

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Sea of galilee Cruise

shay shit

Sea of galilee Cruise/ Experience on the Lake/Ginosar The cruise experience managed by Shai Zisserman invites you to have fun […]

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The new Zemach beach

öéìåí:àéì ôéùø
photo by:eyal fischer

Spacious green, manicured lawns, certified public swimming beach with amazing view, comfortable beach chairs and picnic tables. Clean hot water […]

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Speed cruise


Speed cruise/cruise experience for all the family/Ein Gev harbor Cruise experience suitable for all the family (from age 5 and […]

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Abukayak/family kayaking on the Jordan/ Jordan Park, north-east Sea of galilee Abukayak site is situated in the Jordan Park, near […]

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Rob Roy


Rob Roy/Canoe trip on Southern Jordan/near Kibbutz Sea of galilee Enchanting cruise in Red Indian canoes along the lush southern […]

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Love Yacht

Yacht Sailing against sunset. Sailboat. Yachting. Sailing

Love Yacht/romantic cruises/Ginosar Love Yacht on the Sea of galilee offers couples and families the experience of sailing on the […]

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Shores cruises and fishing trips

ein gev dayag leyom

Shores cruises and fishing trips/experience for all the family/Ein Gev harbor Unique experience in Ein Gev harbor: sail in a […]

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Hamat Gader

Hamat Gader/Resort Park and Attractions/about 9km. east of Zemach Junction Hamat Gader Family Holiday Village, occupies 150,000 sq. m. and […]

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