Shores cruises and fishing trips

Shores cruises and fishing trips/experience for all the family/Ein Gev harbor

Unique experience in Ein Gev harbor: sail in a cruise ship tethered to one of Ein Gev’s fishing boats and observe the fishing, including chasing fish shoals, spreading the nets, gathering and emptying them. Loudspeakers deliver explanations of what is happening on the fishing boat to the cruise boat.

In addition: the cruise company holds Fun Cruises on the Sea of galilee and other theme-related cruises: birdwatching, local history, sites and landscape.

*Option to hold parties and events on deck.

Fishing-Cruise: every Friday at 10:00, departing Ein Gev harbor

Shore cruise every Saturday at 14:00. Has to be booked in advance.


10% discount to those showing this advert