Saba Jossi’s Carpentry Shop

Saba Jossi’s Carpentry Shop/Creative Workshop in Wood and Playground/Kibbutz Ein Gev

What fun to play with toys – and even more fun to build them yourself! Saba Jossi has been working with wood for many years, and Savta Yochi, artist and teacher, founded the carpentry shop of Saba Jossi, a creative wood workshop and playground. In the workshop each child chooses a wooden toy and starts to work: sticking, joining, smoothing, painting, returning home with a new toy and a wealth of experiences. In the unusual playground, built as a pirate ship, the children are invited to play with a range of wooden toys. Original wooden toys or do-it-yourself kits may be bought. Open: Fridays 10:30-15:00, Shabbat and Holidays 10:30-17:00. Booking have to be made in advance!