Galita – Chocolate Farm

Galita – Chocolate Farm/Chocolate Experiences for Adults and Children/Kibbutz Degania Bet

Galita invites you for a sweet, delicious chocolate experience. At the chocolate farm you can enjoy: chocolate workshops for adults and children* movie on the story of chocolate* pampering chocolate counter including home-made ice cream and unique top quality chocolate desserts* factory store offering all Galita products.

About our workshops: in the workshops we make pralines, truffles, a filled chocolate bar, build a house from chocolate, prepare a picture of a farm from chocolate, ice cream and ice-cream bar from chocolate on a stick etc. etc. The workshops begin on the hour (from 10:00 a.m.) and last 45 minutes. Places have to be booked in advance. All particulars appear on our home site which we highly recommend that you go into to get all the necessary information. The place is indoors and air-conditioned. All our products and raw materials are dairy kosher for foreign powdered milk consumers.