Benot Tamarim

Benot Tamarim (Among the palms)/trips in friendly ATV/departing from Menachemiya

Fun-filled  guided tours to various sites in the Southern Jordan Valley, in environment-friendly electric ATV – ‘Ecology-car’. The electric car is completely silent, easy to operate, and most importantly: safer, and therefore is especially suitable for families. The cars are very strong and adapted to a pleasant journey in moderate field conditions. Among the routes: ascent to Alot lookout, above Menachemiya, with a view over the Jordan Valley and towards the Gilead Hills and Golan; a tour of the southern Jordan and Yavniel Stream (including paddling in the water) and encounter with abundant animal and plant life and historical, archaeological sites.

052-2975053 (Doron), 052-4495197 (Noam)/

And also wooden vacation cabins in Moshava Menachemiya

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