Basalt Streams

Basalt Streams/jeep tours/Moshav Ramot

Jeep tours – challenging field trip, action, water and wonderful view. We tour all hours of the day, coordinated in advance, starting with a dawn trip during the cool morning hours, throughout the day, dusk trips with magnificent hues over Sea of Galilee and fascinating night trips by the light of the moon and stars, surrounded by wild animals. We’ll start our trip by climbing the western foothills of the Golan, on twisting jeep tracks, breathtaking ascents and descents…we’ll cross Nahal Kanaf and climb towards a splendid landscape vantage point. We’ll stop to look out over the Sea of galilee and Galilee while hearing fascinating facts on the region. From there we’ll descend to Nahal Sfamnun towards the valley to which the Golan streams are drained and which is therefore teeming with water all year round. We’ll cross flowing rivers, we’ll drive through luxuriant water vegetation, raspberry, reeds, mint combined with osier, we’ll climb over basalt rocks, we’ll roll over pebbles and enjoy the atmosphere of an Israeli jungle.