Welcome to the Jordan Valley

The Jordan Valley and Sea of Galilee region is not only

one of the most beautiful areas in the Land of Israel

but also one ot the most meaningful. The region has

played a part in the history of this land from the earliest

beginnings of humanity, through the days of King David,

the Ministry of Jesus, the times of the Jewish sages of

the Galilee, to the pioneering days of early Zionism.

The region has given rise to many of the Gospel chapters,

has been the site of the compilation of the Talmud and

the inspiration of modern Hebrew poetry.

It is an enchanting land of miracles and miracle workers.

A region of thriving agriculture, tourism and travel

services that complement and live side by side with

the region’s natural and historic sites. Accommodation

facilities of all ranges and types, sites, museums, spas

and beaches, restaurants and shopping services – have

all been designed to make your stay in this region

enjoyable and fulfilling.

On behalf of the residents of the Jordan Valley, and

myself, I would like to welcome you here and wish you

a pleasant stay.

לצפיה במפה של אטרקציות, לינה,
טיולים, אוכל ועוד בסובב כנרת